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Education is key to all of this, and we take the time to bridge the gap between
the trad-fi and what we believe is the future rails of our decentralised future.

Seeing the opportunity for forward-thinking, communicative, honest, professional accountants who specialised in the crypto industry, Leonard Jiang and David Fam (the Crypto Ninjas) founded Consensus Layer, an accounting firm specialising in the crypto industry. With a profound belief in crypto's potential and core values of exceptional client service, honesty, integrity, education, and authentic relationships, we welcome crypto clients without scepticism or judgement. We embrace your crypto stories, valuing each individual journey.

Understanding the specific issues related to crypto, we don't pretend to have all the answers. However, we strive to apply current accounting and tax principles to this fast-paced, nascent technology. Whether you're a hodler, a DeFi degen, or an OG Bitcoiner, our real-world crypto and tax experience enables us to navigate the revolution with you.

We're adept at using emerging technologies, utilising the best available software to process complex transactions. We understand the various reports and information available from crypto exchanges and have extensive experience with various block explorers (some are better than others). Education and authentic relationships underscore our approach, aligning with our belief in honesty, transparency, and the decentralised future.

As trusted advisors, we are committed to taking a pro-active approach to your tax and accounting affairs. We want to point out future issues, and how we can manage them. We want to help remind you about End-Of-Financial-Year issues, so that it makes it easier for you at tax time.

You don't know what you don't know... that's where we come in

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