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About Us

A crypto tax and accounting specialisation headed by
Partner, Leonard Jiang and Senior Tax Specialist, David Fam.

At Consensus Layer, we're inspired by crypto's vision of a truly decentralised, transparent, and trusted global value exchange protocol. We believe in the power of this technology to positively transform the world, standing as a system run By The People, For The People.

In the 14 years since Bitcoin's inception, it has withstood attacks, solidifying blockchain's place in the world and surprising sceptics who questioned its utility.   Much like early internet skeptics were proven wrong, we see parallels with crypto. The internet demonstrated that decentralised, immutable, and transparent information exchange protocols could reshape society. It allowed anyone to build applications, create websites, express thoughts, and share information globally.  

Before blockchain, transmitting value across the world required trusted third-party intervention. Now, we have a global standard for value exchange. Imagine the possibilities of global value exchange in our society. As crypto potentially disintermediates organisations like banks and credit card companies just like the internet did with traditional media.  

Here at Consensus Layer, we embrace this revolutionary vision. We aim to provide the best crypto tax and accounting experience, partnering with you in this extraordinary crypto journey.  

We are guided by our core values of exceptional client service, honesty and transparency, continuous education (crypto and tax constantly evolve), having authentic relationships, and embracing and advocating for the crypto industry.


The story behind our name.

(noun): kənˈsen.səs  “the state of agreement”

We chose this name because it speaks to us on multiple layers. Consensus is about reaching an agreement. We believe in reaching consensus with our customers, with our partners and with our team. Because without consensus, there is only anarchy and chaos. Consensus is fundamental not only to blockchain technologies, as this is the layer which allows the production of the blocks, but to any civilisation past, present and future.

Much like in the early stages of the internet, there were sceptics who attacked its utility, but o-how those sceptics were proven wrong. The internet over the decades proved that a decentralized, immutable, neutral, permissionless, transparent and trusted information exchange protocol would massively reshape the society we live in today. This standardised information protocol provided a means where anyone anywhere with a computer and an internet connection could build applications, create a website, send a message, read an article, listen to someone, express their thoughts freely, whatever someone could imagine communicating with information, it was now possible to have this information shared globally, at the click of a button.

Here at Consensus Layer, we share in this global vision, and are whole-heartedly embracing and advocating this revolutionary idea. At Consensus Layer, we want to provide the best crypto tax and accounting experience we can and be there in the amazing crypto journey with you. 

Exceptional client service

End to end client service delivered at the high standard which doesn’t end with the lodgement of a tax return.

Honesty and integrity

We are not Sam Bankman Fried (SBF) and FTX – we operate with the highest level of professionalism and always have your best interest at heart – we believe trust goes a long way and is a valuable commodity


Continuous development, educational content, and forum to advocate.

Authentic relationships

Life-long relationships are at the core of what we do.

Embrace and advocate

We embrace the ideas of the future and ensure our voices are heard across the country to ensure the materialisation of the future we believe will benefit all society.

We believe in the ethos that comes with this
revolutionary technology, a system run


We believe this technology has the power to change the world for the better. Whilst we are still in the early stages of this technology, this novel invention has taken the world by storm and has survived countless attacks on its existence. We believe in embracing this technology and providing a framework to support peers in the industry in receiving the best quality and tailored advice.

Leonard Jiang Senior Crypto Tax Specialist
David Fam Senior Crypto Tax Specialist

Our Core Value.

Team Handshake - Same Team

We were listening to a Podcast on What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack and Jack Mallers (Mallers) who is the CEO of Strike – a digital payments platform which is using the Bitcoin Lightning Network to disrupt the current payments industry and cross-border payments. 

This episode is actually really amazing as the way Mallers describes Bitcoin and the Lightning Network is such a first principles approach to this latest innovation. The dematerialisation of value and banking to leak onto one global standard – just like what the internet did to the communications industry. 

To preface this, there is this company called ‘Square’ (which is now known as Block) - you may have seen it; it is the little square device a lot of business owners use now-a-days used to accept payments. Now the CEO of Square is a BigWig name “Jack Dorsey” (Dorsey) who also happened to co-found Twitter (so yeah – pretty bad ass).  

Dorsey is also a big proponent of Bitcoin and to support Bitcoin, there is a product he launched within Square (Block) called CashApp. CashApp also allows consumers to purchase, save, invest and spend Bitcoin on layer 1 and the Lightning Network.

At the time of the episode, Mallers (the CEO of Strike) had just recently launched Strike as a direct competitor to CashApp. Bear in mind, Jack Mallers is a minor up-start and a nobody at this point in time, at least compared to a hotshot like Dorsey who probably could have crushed Mallers if he wanted to.

However, not too long after the launch of Strike – Mallers receives a DM from Dorsey saying: 

“Great work!” and “Same Team ✊”

As it goes to show that no matter the person, background & origin story - we are in this together!

‘We are all going to make it!’

Want to know more?

The Solution

Education is key to all of this, and we take the time to bridge the gap between the trad-fi and what we believe is the future rails of our decentralised future.


Our Services

We are well-versed with the various emerging technologies that handles the intricacies of this new technology. 


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